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XPlanar principle: Free-floating movers for non-contact movement

As an automation and motion specialist, Beckhoff is setting new benchmarks in drive technology with the eXtended planar motor system.
Free-floating planar movers move jerk-free and contact-free at up to 4 m/s over planar tiles that can be arranged in any desired layout. The movers are kept at a defined distance by electromagnetic forces. Travelling magnetic fields generated in the planar tiles provide for a precise and highly dynamic positioning of the movers.
The result: maximum possible flexibility in layout and architecture, maximum positioning flexibility and optimal simplification of machines and plants. Contaminants from transported goods are not spread throughout the plant; liquids can be transported without spilling over; wear and emissions due to friction are eliminated.
The XPlanar system represents a new drive concept with a unique value proposition for general machine manufacturing and in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and in both vacuums and clean rooms. With appropriate surface finishing, the planar motor system is also available as a hygienic design version.

Technical data*

Speed 4 m/s
Acceleration 20 m/s² (without load)
Max. load 6 kg (at low speed)
Flight height without load 5 mm
Flight height 1 kg load 1 mm
Max. angle of rotation (±)

360°, ± 15°


*The specifications shown represent the maximum values which can be reached.


XPlanar tiles

XPlanar tiles: high flexible transport system, free layout configuration and integrated position feedback of the XPlanar movers

XPlanar movers

XPlanar movers: flying permanent magnets with six degrees of freedom, available in different formats depending on the application

TC3 XPlanar

TC3 XPlanar: offers the possibility to scan the XPlanar system, to configure the geometry of the modules and to identify the movers in a fast and simple way

XPlanar starter kit

XPlanar starter kit: A starter kit available in two versions allows a fast introduction to the technology.