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TwinCAT Training
TwinCAT 2
TR1010 End User TwinCAT 2 Training: Hardware, Maintenance and Troubleshooting
TR1020 End User TwinCAT 2 Training: PLC Software Troubleshooting and Upkeep
TR1025 TwinCAT 2 Training: Basic I/O, Communication, System Manager, and PLC Programming (Combines material from TR1010 and TR1020 into a single class)
TR2022 TwinCAT 2 Training: PLC with Motion
TwinCAT 3 Basic
TR3010 TwinCAT 3 Training: Hardware and Communication
TR3020 TwinCAT 3 Training: PLC Software Programming
TR3025 TwinCAT 3 Training: Basic I/O, Communication, System Manager, and PLC (Combines material from TR3010 and TR3020 into a single class)
TwinCAT 3 Accelerated
TR3028 TwinCAT 3 Training: PLC with Motion, Safety, and Diagnostic Training
TR3029 TwinCAT 3 Training: Accelerated Introductory Training for Engineers
TR3030 TwinCAT 3 Training: PLC, NC-PTP, ADS
TwinCAT 3 Motion
TR3050 TwinCAT 3 Training: NC Point-to-Point
TR3056 TwinCAT 3 Training: Beckhoff XTS – eXtended Transport System
TwinCAT 3 Safety
TR3064 TwinCAT 3 Training: TwinSAFE Terminals and Programming
TwinCAT 3 Vision
TR3090 TwinCAT 3 Training: Vision
TR7050 TwinCAT 3 Training: Basics TwinCAT HMI
TR7060 TwinCAT 3 Training: Extended training TwinCAT HMI

Training Schedule

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Training Locations

Beckhoff Automation Canada Ltd.
2900 Argentia Road, Suite 7
Mississauga, ON L5N 7X9

Beckhoff Automation Canada Ltd.
3055 boul. St-Martin Ouest, Suite 630
Laval, QC H7T 0J3

British Columbia
Beckhoff Automation Canada Ltd.
4710 Kingsway, Metrotower 1, Suite 1020
Burnaby, BC V5H 4M2

Customer Specific Training**
Beckhoff also offers customer specific classes. These classes can be held at any of our training facilities or onsite. These classes are designed for customers who have 4 or more employees who are in need of training as a group and would like training geared toward their specific application. The class can be any one of the standard classes or completely customized. Please contact Beckhoff for scheduling of these classes.

**Custom/On-Site Classes available upon request and Instructor availability

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